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Introduction to Home Inspection Plus

What is Home Inspection Plus?

Home inspection plus represents the additional free services that HPT home inspections has added to the basic home inspection service. The following services are not being provided by other home inspection companies here on Long Island. With every home inspection performed by HPT home inspections for no additional charge the  following items will be included

  1. Interactive 360° virtual reality photos of every room!
  2. Detailed sketches of the entire house
  3. Arial photos of your roof and property

Only HPT Home Inspection Plus

Has this amazing technology available to everyone ordering a home inspection exclusively for Long Island and Queens.

HPT Home Inspection on Long Island Includes

Home inspection plus offers 360° panoramic photos of every room in your house. With this amazing technology you can now make a virtual visit to your new home instantly with any cell phone, tablet or computer.

You will find unlimited uses for this technology: from considering draperies for your new living room, to planning a paint color. You Can now show your new home to family and friends, and so much more. Without having to leave the comfort of your living room.

Our customers tell us this unique service alone is worth the cost of the entire inspection!


Home inspection plus provides detailed sketches of your entire house, including measurements of rooms, doors, windows, etc. Now you and your agent will never have to return to the house to get measurements. Combined with your virtual reality photos, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to consider alternative renovations.

You can even get estimates from contractors, determine whether your furniture will fit and much more. All available on your cell phone,tablet or computer.

home inspection plus

Home inspection plus includes roof photos that are better than images provided by drones! You receive interactive panoramic photos from all angles of your roof so that you can view and zoom in on every square inch and be 100% confident that your inspector and you know all there is to know about this critically important component of your home!

Here is a link to test this technology for yourself: